Solutions in LA will make moving to Los Angeles the easiest it can be. Let us help you. We have been where you are and we understand what needs to be done. Take our hand, and know you are not alone.

  • We can provide LAX airport pickup.
  • We provide affordable solutions to all your furnished housing needs. Towels and bed linens are extra.
  • We help you get your cell phone set up.
  • We help you adjust to the new language. Even if you speak English, it can be unsettling to be told, “Take the 101, to the 405, to the 10, to the …”
  • We help you get to know the local area. We know where to go and where to avoid!
  • We make sure you understand how to get around using all the transportation options.
  • We help you fill out your paperwork for a California Drivers License.
  • We help you set up a Bank Account.

A female student stands still in a hallway while other students walk by.Moving to Los Angeles from another US City
Are you moving to Los Angeles from another US city? Leaving behind friends, packing your things, and arranging your flight is enough to keep your hands full! Call us today and we will pick you up at LAX airport and bring you right to a furnished apartment with working utilities. If you are a student we can make sure you have another student roommate close to your new school. You will also already have a desk!

Moving to Los Angeles from another Country
It is difficult and time-consuming for foreign students new to the USA to adapt to a bewildering culture, much more so for those moving to Los Angeles, California! Some obstacles can be adjusting to the language and one’s surroundings but the hardest is just finding an apartment that is nice, clean, furnished, and has all the utilities set up. Solutions in LA has students in Los Angeles apartments from 25 different nations. Moving to Los Angeles can be made easy if you let the professionals at Solutions in LA help you.

We are a professional company who will stand by you during the entire processes. We know the apartments are great because we manage them! Call, email, or write us right now and let us make this exciting time even more exciting. Just a call and you can put worries aside.