Get Greeted inside LAX with an Airport Pickup from Solutions in LA!


A student and a Solutions in LA greeter at LAX.Professionals on business trips, international students, and US students will all start their stay with confidence when a reliable and an affordable LA Airport pickup is arranged by Solutions in LA. A smile and a sign is what you will be greeted with when your flight arrives. Other LAX Airport Shuttles expect you to find your luggage and stand in the right place on the correct curb outside of the very large airport. Once in the right spot, you’ll need to wait for them! Not with us, we will greet you inside the LAX Airport.

Your personal greeter is familiar with the city and will bring you to your destination by the safest and most direct route possible. We are happy you are here and it shows in how we provide you exceptional LA airport pickup.

You have many transportation options ranging from public buses, taxis, and rental cars but none of them are going to be as easy and relaxing as our service. Taking public transportation with luggage can be impossible and LA buses take a long time to reach destinations. Taxis are expensive! Rental cars are only a good choice if you have a US drivers license and are comfortable with the heavy congested traffic on highways that often have 12 lanes, 6 in each direction. If you are a student looking for SMC or UCLA international student housing then our service is a no-brainer.